Blue Shutters Photography: Blog en-us (C) Blue Shutters Photography (Blue Shutters Photography) Wed, 10 Apr 2024 15:27:00 GMT Wed, 10 Apr 2024 15:27:00 GMT Blue Shutters Photography: Blog 80 120 Alivia ~ Argyle High School Class of 2020 Senior Senior Can we show some love for Alivia? This chic has a natural beauty that radiates around her. I'm positive she could show up in a paper bag and STILL look beautiful and start a new trend. She is a senior at Argyle High School in Argyle, Wisconsin and is a member of our 2020 Senior Model Team. She volunteered for our 'virtual sessions" using FaceTime ~ Fun to try for sure during this crazy time but I CANT wait to photograph her in person again!

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Class of 2021       This crazy situation we have going on.. its so dog gone difficult for everyone. Everyone has been affected in some way. My heart is breaking for the 2020 Seniors who are missing their last year of high school and their last sports season, high school play or musical, band concert and more. And the class of 2021 is right on their heels with their junior proms cancelled or rescheduled among other events. My own High School Junior (Class of 2021) is getting ALL the family time she can handle. I'm loving it. She is so sick of us I'm surprised she hasn't locked herself in her room or climbed a tree in the orchard just to get away. I'm kidding. Sort of. 

Wisconsin senior

We (Blue Shutters) are non-essential. Meaning, we are closed (Currently) for in person sessions. Fingers crossed that this will change soon.  We've been keeping ourselves busy trying virtual sessions and expanding our night photography knowledge, trying to help support our local businesses (YA for take out food!)  In all honesty in our profession there is ALWAYS something we can learn, expand on, or improve on so we can continue to find new challenges to try or new techniques. 

We miss shooting so much.

My FAVORITE thing with high school seniors is the challenge to create sessions that are about YOU. What YOU like. The more you share, the better we can find that! Some of our seniors honestly don't know what they want, and just want to play around with different settings. Some have clear cut MUST haves. I love the variety and working with everyone. 

If you have read my ramblings this far, I want to offer $100 off ALL of our senior packages booked between now and May 24th AND a complementary family mini session. 

southern wisconsin senior

80 percent of our seniors go with our Luxe Session, but we have a few who want less or a few who want more. Our packages are also customizable. Our goal is to give you the best senior experience possible. 

To book a session OR to inquire to learn a bit more go to our handy dandy form here: Class of 2021

The fine details..

1. You click on the form above and fill it out.

2. We send you our magazine with info on our senior packages.

3. you say "lets go for it" and email us back that you are IN. 

4. We send you an invoice. It a $50 REFUNDABLE deposit to book your session. Refundable if the worst happens and we aren't allowed to photograph. lets hope for the best shall we?

5. You don't HAVE to choose a session right now. Use this time to think about what YOUR must haves are. We will email you a questionnaire and stalk your Pinterest to get an idea of what you like. 

6. When we get the go ahead to start having sessions again we will email you to schedule a date. At that time your remaining balance will be due OR you can set up a payment plan. 

senior photography


Enough of my ramblings. thank you for listening ~ 


PS. This post is filled with my favorite class of 2021 Junior-- my own kid Josie. I just cant help sharing her beautiful face everywhere I can. 

wisconsin senior



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Gavin ~ 2020 Argyle High School Senior Today's Class of 2020 Senior Spotlight is Gavin. Gavin is a 2020 Senior from Argyle High School in Argyle, Wisconsin. 

wisconsin senior

I know WE are missing baseball, but Gavin is missing it even more. Playing for Argyle and for a travel team out of Cuba City last year, along with playing Football and Basketball and being in the top of his class, this guy is pretty busy!! My heart goes out for a guy who was so busy before the safe at home ~ we are all going a little stir crazy and wishing we could be sitting on the sidelines cheering on your baseball teams right now (as the snow flies in APRIL in Wisconsin!) 

monroe senior photographer monroe senior photographer

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Eva ~ 2020 Monroe High School Senior Eva is a 2020 High School Senior from Monroe High School and a member of our 2020 Senior Model team. She grew up in California ~ and was a member of her high School FFA club in California AND here in Wisconsin! She impressed us at every session with her natural grace and poise, she just looks comfortable in her own skin anywhere we went. It is no surprise that she was the Monroe Dairy Queen in 2019. We loved meeting Cowboy, her horse ~ Who is a stubborn old guy who has been part of their family for many years! Horses + Sunset + Beautiful Senior = LOVE! My favorite part of her individual session was the end and the sun set WAYYY to quickly for us!

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Leah ~ 2020 Argyle Senior ~ Happy 18th Birthday!

Happy 18th Birthday Leah! 

Give this lady some extra love today! Its her 18th birthday, and she is spending it at home with her family.  Josie is dying to go over and wish her a Happy Birthday in person as we live right down the road from the birthday girl. But.. we cant. Sending all our birthday wishes virtually until we see you again in person Leah! Josie says "You're flipping perfect" <3 

We are still holding out hope that Leah will get to play her senior season of Softball for Argyle High School! 

Much love to this funny, beautiful, and smart lady from our whole family!

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Claudia ~ 2020 Argyle High School Senior Claudia is an Argyle High School Senior in Argyle, Wisconsin! She is one of our senior models and we are crossing our fingers that Wisconsin High School Spring Sports are not cancelled--- We CANT WAIT to get out of the house and photograph the softball part of her session! We cant wait to watch a few softball games! 

For Claudia's individual session we explored some of the UW campus and state street in Madison. Loved all the variety in such a short time frame with such a beautiful model! We also travelled to Dubuque with our model team this year, and had a 90's inspired senior model theme shoot! It rained BOTH days! No kidding- but our models had awesome attitudes and we just kept going. Adding a few umbrellas to the 90s inspired shoot - I like how colorful it made the session!

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Brady ~ 2020 Parker High School Senior

Brady is a 2020 Senior from Parker High School in Janesville, Wisconsin. He is one of our 2020 Senior Model team!

Our favorite thing about Brady was how easy going he was. No matter what we asked him to do, he was super nice! We cant wait to capture a few pictures of him in his cap and gown with his baby sister who will be starting school just as he is done!




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Sarah ~ 2020 Monticello High School Senior Sarahs Senior Sarah Senior Pics Monticello High School

Hello from home! 

While we are all self quarantined at home we have been trying to find a way to show our 2020 Seniors just how amazing they are! 

Our hearts are hurting for these seniors ~ missing opportunities their senior year of high school and not knowing IF they will have a graduation ceremony (fingers crossed!). I guess I could go on and on but the best way we have is to showcase their sessions! 

Sarah is up first ~ We got to know Sarah a bit when her older sister Veronica applied for our first Model team after we moved here. Josies dad is originally from Argyle (and her grandfather is from Monticello) and after many moves with the Army we have settled here. Small world, after talking to Sarahs mom for awhile we realized Josies grandpa and Sarahs Grandpa knew each other growing up, and Josies dad and Sarahs Dad met in confirmation when they were in middle school! Gosh I love small towns. We've gotten to know Sarahs family over the past 3 years and adore them so much. 

Monticello High School Class of 2020 Senior

Sarah is a 2020 Senior from Monticello, Wisconsin

We got the pleasure of photographing Sarah while she was Monticello's Dairy Queen and when she applied for our senior rep team we didn't have to think twice before adding her to our team! 

One of my absolute favorite things about Sarah is how upbeat and positive she is! Monticello High School Senior Pics Monticello High School Senior Pics Monticello High School Senior Pics Monticello High School Senior Pics Monticello High School Senior Pics




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2021 Senior Model Team Class of 2021 ~~~~ Its your turn!!!

SeniorWisconsin Senior Photographer

WHAT??? How did it get to be The class of 2021 Seniors turn already? If you are reading this and you are a parent--- I GET it. This is my first year in almost 20 years of photographing Seniors that.. gulp... I have one of my own. I'm not sure how my oldest can possibly BE a Junior in high school, much less do I want to think about her going off on her own.

I have gone back and forth over a senior model team for 2021. We have had some pretty amazing and fun themed shoots with our previous model teams. In the past, in December our Models have applied for a spot on our team. We only accepted two per school. 

Madison Senior Photographer

So.. considering my own daughter is a member of the class of 2021... I just couldnt picture myself choosing ONE person over the other. 

Some of you I have known since you were babies. 

First... I thought we wont have a team! Nope. Nothing. I'm not choosing. 

But I really really enjoy the themed shoots. They are super fun. I enjoy the seasonal sessions as well (our models give me an excuse to pull out my camera in Winter, Spring, Summer and of course Fall) 

Wisconsin Senior Photography, Lafayette County

Then the "WHAT IFs" got me:

WHAT IF her friends want to do it because they think SHE wants them to, and they dont even like our style? (this is ok. you SHOULD find a photographer you LOVE LOVE LOVE their images. You love the pics on their website.If you love ours, great. If you dont, we wont hate you for it-- No art in ANY form can be loved by all- That is the beauty of being different and having our own loves!)

Southern Wisconsin Senior Photographer

WHAT If her friends dont have our packages in their budget? Everyone has a different budget for Senior Photography. If you do absolutely LOVE us and just dont want to go elsewhere-- We do offer different payment plans, please be sure to email me (TINA) with any budget concerns and we will find a way!

WHAT if her friends want to participate in one of our themed shoots but dont want to represent us or want someone else to photograph their senior pics (especially those further away)

Senior Model Shoot Wisconsin

WHAT IF??? What if they aren't friends with my daughter or just don't want her to help? That is perfectly fine also- you can request only one of us. 

Monroe Senior Photographer

WHAT IF??? well lets just say there were a ton of what ifs and I have tried to cover each one I could think of.

So what is the bottom line?? 

We are accepting more than 2 from each school this year. We will offer as many themed shoots as we need to to ensure every one of our senior models gets 2 group theme shoots, 1 individual shoot, and 1 mini shoot. We will have a cut off date for applying (Yet to be determined but for planning purposes will most likely be in January 2020). You CAN be part of our team and NOT participate in our themed shoots if you wish. 

We are teaming up with our friend Tiffany from TLA Photography in New Lisbon for one super fun themed shoot near New Lisbon- details on that will be published at a later date. 

Please email us at [email protected] for Senior Model 2021 Info. 




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